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Perfect Prospecting: When and How Often to Seek New Business

Quick answer - if you need more work right now start prospecting immediately!

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But you want to avoid reaching a state of panic scrambling for new clients. It can take 6-18 months from that first initial engagement with a prospect to secure your first job or convert them into an account. Therefore, it’s best to have regular new business activities running in the background to help smooth out any drops in demand.

Maintain regular communication activities

Keep in touch periodically with your prospective clients and cultivate relationships. Ensure your communications are timely and respectful. If a prospect advises you to get back in touch at a particular time, make sure you follow through.

Build relationships

Consider the frequency of your communications carefully as contacting prospects too soon can make you appear bothersome, while waiting too long risks being forgotten. Aim for a balance that keeps you in mind but does not come across as intrusive or pestering. From my experience, most prospects forget about you within 2-3 months - even after a great conversation. Face-to-face meetings might extend their memory a bit, but regular follow-ups are important.

Find the right balance

Really, it’s regular, timely and well thought through prospecting that helps to ensure a more steady stream of opportunities to prevent sudden work shortages. By maintaining periodical communications without overstepping frequency, you can nurture lasting relationships and keep your business top-of mind for potential work.

If you and your staff don’t have the time to prospect for new business, perhaps you should consider some outside support and request a chat with me.

Have a Happy Summer Prospecting 😎



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