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Lead Generation

Building business relationships with genuine quality appointments and introductions


  What's included:

  1. Executing and delivery of an agreed plan or brief by seeking out leads and potential opportunities via phone calls, telemarketing, emails, social media, direct mail or event networking.

  2. Develop and nurture relationships with potential clients, key stakeholders and influencers. 

  3. Arrange face-to-face meetings, video calls and online meetings or telephone appointments.

  4. Data update and noting of all interactions via CRM, spreadsheets or other preferred method.

  5. Reporting 

Image by Eric Rothermel

The Chimelight goal:


To provide genuine quality leads, meetings, appointments and introductions with the right person at the right time with the right company that has both a need and a budget. 

To build relationships with prospects through meaningful conversations that can be nurtured into genuine leads and future opportunities for New Business.

Trying out different ways of engagement will help get an understanding of a prospect's preferred communication channel/s. All methods can work at some time and yield results so it's best not to overlook any channel.​

Most people will only really want to chat or meet when they have an imminent requirement, so it's important to maintain regular communication for when those opportunities arise.

Image by Eric Rothermel
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