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New Business Development

A more in depth, strategic and effective service than Lead Generation alone

Work From Home

  What's included:

  1. Discovery, industry research and evaluation

  2. Strategy including planning of target markets and sectors

  3. Develop and nurture relationships with prospects, decision makers and influencers

  4. Lead generation

  5. Research for current and future opportunities

  6. Organise meetings and appointment making 

  7. Data recording, updating and noting of all prospect interactions and activities on a CRM, spreadsheets or other preferred method.

  8. Monitoring business news, economic trends and conditions

  9. Monitoring of competitors and prospects

  10. Reporting, analysis and reviews

ROI-focused strategies:

A customised and adaptable plan can be created for your company's unique services or products, which can be for long and short term outcomes. Or if you already have a ready developed, prepared plan that you would like executed - that's fine too.


Work and results are regularly monitored, analysed and reviewed. Some evolving, adjusting and fine-tuning of the strategy may be suggested along the way to improve effectiveness and optimise results.​


​Thought and consideration will be put into current business trends and economic conditions which may affect your prospects' existing or future requirements so you can anticipate and be in tune with their needs.


A keen eye is kept on business news to identify other potential opportunities or possible new avenues to prospect.

Chimelight will navigate your company towards finding suitable new business opportunities, create prospect pipelines, cultivate relationships and generate meaningful introductions. Tailored strategies that are designed to help boost your future company growth.

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